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Program Details

This 12-week health coaching program is for you if you are any of these: - Looking for support for a health condition/challenge that you are struggling with. - Looking to kick-start your health transformation. - Believe in slow, steady and positive growth. - Looking for accountability and guidance in forming heath goals and having systems in place to achieve them - Looking to identify and work towards changing habits that don't serve you. - Want to understand your body and mind better to be able to make confident and informed health decisions. - Want to understand the basics of nutrition and learn what works best for your body type. - Want to understand the 6 KEY pillars of health that will help you achieve the change you want to see in yourself. The program includes: + 8 x 1 hour health coaching sessions - 4 sessions weekly followed by 4 sessions bi-weekly. (In-person or Online) + In-depth information gathering and evaluation. We will discuss your health history, your goals, and review your symptoms, current diet & lifestyle, follow up on previous week achievements, wins and challenges. + Each week we will identify and set mini-goals/changes you want to achieve and formulate attainable action plans. + With every session, you will understand your body better and form habits in different areas that are crucial for achieving good health - Nutrition, eating habits, sleep, physical activity, hydration, stress management, relationships, career, social life, happiness and so on. + I will provide tools for restocking your kitchen and pantry the right way - Crowding in what is health promoting for you and crowding out what is not. + Guidance on workout planning for yourself that is tailored to body type. + Delicious and nutritious recipe guide for you to get creative in the kitchen + Inspiration for nourishing meals and snacks + Free email/WhatsApp/SMS access to me during the 3 month period. Ready to book your health coaching program ? - Remember to pick a time slot one-week from now so you have enough time to fill out a health intake form along with a 1-week health journal that i will email you as soon as you confirm your booking. - A zoom call link will be sent to you on confirmation. If you choose to meet in person, meeting location details will be sent to you in a separate email. Call or msg me if you have any questions while booking your first session. This package is valid for 3 month from the date of your first session.