Online or In-person


Single Consultation to gain clarity about your health issues & goals

  • 150 Singapore dollars
  • Online session/In-person

Program Details

An single intensive health coaching session is for you if you are any of these: - You have never worked with me and looking for clarity regarding a specific health challenge or condition. - 20 minutes session is just not enough and you want to dive into the health condition or health challenge that you are struggling with to find out how i can support and guide you towards resolving it. - You have undergone a health coaching program with me and need an ad-hoc session for a specific issue/challenge you are facing. What you walk away with: + 1 hr intensive health coaching session + In-depth review of the health history form and journal. + Deep-dive into current health struggles and challenges. We will discuss your, your goals, and review your symptoms, current diet & lifestyle. + Get clarity on you symptoms and condition management + Better understand your health situation and you body and mind + Identify actionable steps and learn how set appropriate systems that are unique to you to achieve your health goal + Delicious and nutritious recipe guide for you to get creative in the kitchen BONUS - If you choose to continue working with me after this session, you will only pay the balance amount of the package you choose after deducting this one session fee. Ready to book your session? - Remember to pick a time slot 1-week from now so you have enough time to fill out a health intake form along with a 1-week health journal that i will email you as soon as you confirm your booking. - A zoom call link will be sent to you on confirmation. If you choose to meet in person, meeting location details will be sent to you in a separate email.