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with Disha Kagdada




 SG$ 150  

 Real shifts happen when you RESET from old ways 

This is where you might be now......

You feel unfit at all times, lack energy, motivation or determination for any kind of movement. You manage to gather courage and get yourself on a health/fitness plan...but again... Lose consistency and therrreee goes the motivation. You can't seem to bounce back and feel like a failure (big word, but I'm calling it out!!). 

You're thinking, may be there's another you've tried different nutrition plans and some (or all) the latest diets but nothing seems to work like promised. It leaves you feeling hungry, unsatisfied and worst - bloated. Oh! and god forbid, if someone bought your favourite pizza or cake, and you happen to eat it, that's the end... you are back to square one.

That's it! You're sick of the your never-ending cycle of stress eating and restriction. You're really confused on what is best for your health and your body. You feel so stuck in a limbo that getting healthy, feeling fit & feeling energetic seems almost impossible.


Wouldn't it be great if ..

You feel light, fit, energetic and fresh all day. You figure out what drains you, and also what truly energises you. You are forever motivated and determined to follow through your workout plans.


You stop over-thinking and figure out a way to achieve balanced wellness that is convenient for you and lets you enjoy your favourite foods. You are unapologetically Fearless around your pizzas or cakes AND lose weight.

You are able to manage stress eating and implement habits & behaviours that are best suited for your body. You're out of that limbo for good & healthy living is a part of your daily life!

 Let's turn those IF's into your REALITY right now! 

Over 4 weeks, we'll work together on what's needed to find your CURE:

Clarity on what really is balanced health and fitness

Unlearn diet behaviours while building trust around food

Re-align & Redefine what wellness feels like in your body to stay motivated

Elevate your health and trust that only YOU are the authority of your body


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Here's what your 4 - week RESET journey with me looks like:

  • 5 X 60 minutes Group Coaching Sessions held every week via Zoom

  • Daily knowledge nuggets shared on email/whatsapp

  • Workbook with daily reflection prompts to apply learnings to your unique experiences

You will learn how to reset your health through my signature four-part protocol:
Reflect, Embrace, Interact & Re-define.
The process involves a holistic approach that considers aspects of your mental, physical, emotional, environmental & social well-being in order to help you feel your best.


Is RESET for ME?


It's run by me, Disha Kagdada,
Holistic & Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

I'm a health coach helping you build the health & lifestyle you desire. I empower you to overcome your most challenging obstacles in order to start living a healthier & happier life. I understand the weight and frustration of feeling like there is more out there for you, not knowing where to turn to first. Hence, my mission is to help you find the answers and create a balanced life that prioritises your well-being & celebrates all aspects of your true self. You deserve to feel great, alive and free everyday. My unique approach focusses on helping you find the root-cause of what is draining you off that precious energy, become extremely self-aware and find all the motivation you need from within and take confident actions.

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 The RESET shift continues... 

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  • Does the program include meal plans or workout plan?
    RESET is the most unique health program you may have attended. Meal and workout plans are not provided in RESET program because it’s not a helpful tool to teach someone how to implement healthy eating habits. They can also have a restrictive, obligatory nature to them, which contradicts the philosophy of holistic health listening to your body. But rest assured, RESET will help you get to know what foods you love and feel good as well as movement that are aligned to your requirements.
  • How much does it cost?
    Your investement for 1 month is SG $150 which is just a fraction of my 1:1 coaching (SG550) for 1 month. I also have early bird discounts for anyone who signs up 12 days before the program start date.
  • Who is this program not-recommended for?
    If you are looking for yet another detox, weight-loss or any kind of prescriptive plan/diet, this program is not for you. This program involves self-exploration and identifying and breaking old patterns and forming new one. So no food/nutrition/workout prescription will be provided.
  • Do I have to attend all LIVE sessions?
    It it advisable to attend all live sessions as that is when the group coaching happens. You can ask questions, clear doubts that you may have faced during the week. I would want you to make the most of it. It is about prioritising what is important and carving out time for it. Unfortunately no recordings will be provided due to privacy reasons.
  • Will I lose weight while on the RESET program?
    This is NOT a quick weight loss program, we live in a society who values thinness and pressures us to lose weight in the name of health Weight loss can be a side effect of overall wellness and getting intuned with your body. Through the program, you will learn how to pursue health habits in a sustainable way that could potentially result in weight loss in a long run.
  • I have certain health conditions, can I still join the program?"
    Oh yes, definitely! Learning tools that cater to your overall wellness and applying it to your life will only create a better support system for you no-matter what health condition you have. It may even speed up your condition management and open another door of possiblity that you never knew existed.
  • What if I cannot make it in August-September but I really want be a part of it?
    If you cannot make it for this program but are still interested, you can drop a note to me either on my website or my social media pages to get on to the waitlist for if/when I host the program again. Currently I don't have that planned.
  • At what time will the sessions take place on Saturday?
    The sessions will take place at 2:00 PM Singapore Time.
  • What is the duration of each session?
    Each session will be 60 minutes long. It may be 15-20 minutes longer a few days if any of the participants are yet to clear doubts.
  • Do i have to prepare for anything before the start date?
    The only preparation you need is a dairy/book/notepad, a pen and an open mind and willingness to absorb the all the new information and authentic experiences duing the 4 weeks.

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