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How to stay motivated for workouts?

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Does the phrase “working out” make you cringe, run away, get excited, or feel obligated? Although most of us agree that movement is a crucial component of our overall wellness, we often try to follow the latest trend or a highly result focussed workout for which we never seem to find the motivation or the will to continue.

I get it! IT IS REALLY difficult to be motivated to workout regularly, let alone every single day. I’VE BEEN THERE..

Workouts were not even a consideration for me a few years ago. But, since being in the health industry, I learnt the importance of physical movement and its impact on the health of my organs and my mind. So, I pushed myself for all those conventional workouts - HIITs, Walks, runs , zumba you name it, and i've done it!

I would be excited about each one of them at the start, however, soon I would lose motivation and stop them altogether. And when I’m not motivated, the excuses to not work-out would get really creative. 🫣 Eventually that would leave me feeling defeated for not being like everyone else and not being able to take care or myself. I was sick of feeling like a failure and not being able to keep up with what I start.

So, instead of working out regularly, my goal became to find my motivation to workout because trust me, I myself was fed up of those oh so creative excuses. By my motivation, i mean what motivated me in general as a person.

In order to find that motivation, I had to first find what gets me grooving and continue doing that without anyone pushing me to move. That led me to a self discovery journey by pondering over the following questions: - What do I really like doing - What are the things that I already do without anyone pushing me

- What kind of movement gets me super excited

- What makes me want to challenge myself

- What makes me want to step out of the house

- what do I ENJOY!?

Once I started discovering the answers and experimenting them, the results were simply MIND-BLOWING!

🌀I was self motivated to move regularly

🌀I focussed more on the joy of movement v/s the results of it.

🌀Even if I missed workout by couple of days, I would get back without hesitation or worry. 🌀Most importantly, never cringed, nor felt like running away from movement.

I changed the meaning of workout!

I realised that i was trying to fit in a box that was not meant for me. I had my own unique ways to do what I needed to do and I had to simply honour those ways.

Hence, my goal now is to stop you from beating yourself up and trying to fit in a box that's not meant for you! I want to help you find out what movement style works best for you so you too can be self-motivated.

I created this handy and easy FIND YOUR MOVEMENT STYLE GUIDE to help you find your groove & never lose that motivation to move! (See how that rhymed 🤩)

Download it right away and start experimenting to find the joy in movement! Also feel free to share in comments below what's your style?

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