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4 Simple ways to wake up fresh and energised

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

Do you wonder that despite sleeping for 7-8 hours at night you still wake up feeling exhausted?

Have you started hating your responsibilities and just wish you could sleep forever?

Is it slowly affecting your energy levels and your work quality during the day?

Do you want to find out how you can enjoy deep sleep and wake up fresh without any supplements or medication?

If you nodded to even one of the above, keep reading to find out how by doing these 4 simple tips, you can wake up fresh and energised every morning.

Newsflash: It doesn't include leaving your coffee/tea..but lets be and I both know, having coffee closer to the night doesn't help either, so i trust you for not doing that.

First let's understand what is happening with you?

Most of us have same story as you. Waking up after snoozing the alarm multiple times just so you can get to office. Hectic work schedule that makes you start your day with a coffee (The "Don't talk to me till i've had my coffee phase" - I've been there). You spend the whole day working indoors, ticking items off your to-do list, barely getting any sun during the day. Reach home after sunset and tend to your house and family responsibilities. Then finally lying on your ready to sleep around 10/11pm you wonder "why can’t I fall asleep easily even when I am feeling so tired and exhausted."

That’s when you start thinking – ‘oh, probably I need to do something to distract myself, switch-off from the day or to get some me-time!’. So it starts..

  • Scrolling social media mindlessly

  • Playing sudoku or your favourite game

  • Binging on Netflix

While doing this your body gets so tired that at some point you just crash. The next day you get up feeling groggy and not fresh despite sleeping for over 7 hours. And this cycle continues morning after morning.

You know you are getting the average amount of sleep which is between 7-8 hours, then why is it that you cant wake up fresh.

Why this happens?

Imagine when a fast train is approaching a station, it actually breaks and slows down way before it reaches the station. Just like that, after a tiring day, when it is time to sleep, our body needs some time to slow down, so it can slowly come to a halt(sleep). When you're on your bed and using your gadget as your me-time, the body recognises it as work and the brain will continue functioning at high speed which actually ends up overstimulating it leading you to crash when you fall asleep. "I just passed out..". Same thing would happen to the train if it breaks right at the station without slowing down. It would CRASH.

So what can you do then to slow down and prevent crashing?

Here are 4 simple habits you can incorporate that will help your body identify that it's time to slow down and sleep:

  • Ensure you get at least 10 minutes of sunlight during the afternoon to activate your smart body clock.

  • Avoid using gadgets/ screens at least an hour before going to bed

  • Choose a winding down activity for yourself, such as reading physical book/kindle, journaling, practicing deep breathing for a few minutes - the real ‘me time’

  • Spend some quality time with your family before bedtime.

All above will act as the initiators to help you get a foot in the door. If you still aren’t able to wake up fresh even after applying a combination of above for about 2 weeks, that’s the time to speak to a health coach to find out the real reason.

Book a 30 minute no obligation CLARITY SESSION with me to get you started on your path towards exploring how you can start waking up fresh every morning.

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