When it comes to health, there’s a lot of focus just on food – with more than 23 million hashtags of #HealthyEating on Instagram. But I believe that living healthy is just as important as eating healthy.

What does living healthy entail? It is prioritising self-care, stress management, good quality sleep, healthy relationships, physical activity and life enjoyment. It is “taking life down a notch” and allowing you to breathe. It is balancing work and life to actually be balanced. It’s connecting with mother nature and dipping your toes in the sand. It is figuring out what makes you happy and doing more of that!


Eating clean and healthy isn’t about labels, dietary dogma or the latest trend – it’s about food that’s nourishing for your unique body. Eating true to your culture, heritage and tradition is what will nourish your mind and body.


My diet comprises of primarily plant-based whole foods, including fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, dairy, nuts, seeds and fermented foods, cooked in its traditional time tested methods. With occasional inclusions of eggs and meat. These components are nothing without the way they're prepared. For me, they have to be prepared in a way that is the most nourishing for my body, which would sometimes mean, soupy and warm preparations, crunchy crispy and spicy preparations or sometimes refreshing cold preparations. I've learnt and mastered how to eat without thinking about the benefits and that has given me the most satisfaction and benefits.

However, you are different. So my approach is to help you achieve that balance while providing essential nutrition support. 

Nourishing your body with food means listening to how your body responds to food – and all of us are beautifully unique. If you start with real, nutrient-dense, whole foods and remember mindful, intuitive eating – you’ve just taken one giant leap in the direction of improved health. 

From my own wellness journey and that of my clients I can tell you what I see time and again. Nutrient-dense, high-quality foods may provide a foundation for wellness. But the tipping point for long term health and happiness is rooted in positive lifestyle changes. Thats where I use my breath & happiness coach training which will benefit your long term health and happiness. In this era of information overload, let me help you with the appropriate tools and guidance to regain control of your health and life and to achieve the quality of life you truly deserve!


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