Download your copy of the FREE 'NOURISH RECIPES E-BOOK'

In this e-book you will find a variety of recipes ranging from breakfast to mains and also some snacks (a little snippet below). All meals a complete meals and interchangeable - meaning some snacks can be had for breakfast, breakfast can be mains and vice-versa, snacks can be desserts and............ you get what i mean ;)


A collection of 36 different recipes just for you to nourish you body, mind and soul.

All recipes are gluten free, dairy-free and mostly plant-based.('Mostly' because 2 recipes include eggs). I do hope you find this e-book useful and you recreate some of these nourishing recipes in your own kitchen!

I used some of these recipes for my free online masterclasses and here's what the attendees have to say for it!


"The Online Masterclasses have been phenomenal. Disha's command on nutrition coupled with passion for the subject made her classes informative & fun. The recipes she’s shared are fuss free, healthy & practical. I enjoyed the many wise nuggets of information she shared during class - all of it made sense because she backed it up with science & logic. 
Her Masterclass was the rare combination of ease of recipe, common sense in preparation & delightful taste as end result. And that’s what will make me keep going back to her every time the opportunity arises!"

— Sonu Rupani

Mumbai, India