Hello there! So happy you here and keen to learn more about my journey. Im equally happy to share it with you :)


2007 - While in college studying for my Bachelors degree, i pursued Jewellery Designing Training and 3D Modelling to be able to assist my father as a designer for his Jewellery manufacturing business. I worked with him and a few other institutions while i was studying only to realise it wasn't for me.

2009 - Graduated from college with a B.A in Psychology and Philosophy. Being intrigued by human mind and behavioural science i was keen to pursue Psychology but i was not 100% sure about it as a career choice which led me to not proceed with my M.A.

2010 - Being a creative soul, I thought of pursuing yet another design profession and went ahead and studied to become an Interior Designer from School of Interior Design(SID), Mumbai, India. I assisted some designers post my diploma for a period of 6-8 months but soon realised it isn't the profession i want to be in. It did not spark that joy nor align with my values.

2011 - With the pretext of financial independence and job-security, I secured job as an assistant teacher at pre-school. Same year, I met Raj, then boyfriend - now husband. He was all-in to support and encourage me to pursue a career and profession that i am really passionate about and sparks joy.

2012 - Pre-school teaching wasn't going so well and Raj(being from the Media industry himself) nudged me to explore advertising and marketing and see if that interests me. So, i decided to get an internship in a PR firm to understand the work and gauge my interests. I thoroughly enjoyed the work and decided to study further. I went ahead and pursued a Post-Graduation in Advertising, Marketing and Media Communications. 

2013 - Secured a job at an email-marketing firm in Mumbai, India through campus placements and had the time of my life! Loved my job, loved the environment and enjoyed all things corporate life! 10 months in we got an opportunity to move to Singapore and move we did!

2014 - New life in Singapore began. 4 months into moving i secured a job at a start-up digital adv. agency as a client servicing exec. New country, new environment, new profile, it was all challenging but rewarding at the same time. I enjoyed the new work and learnings that came along with. We were a small team so the hustle life was real - long work hours, missed meals, high stress environment, distorted sleep cycle, unhealthy eating habits and no motivation or inclination towards workouts or recreational activities. It seemed like i was slowly drowning in quicksand.

2015 - It happened again! I found myself dissatisfied with my work yet again. It started affecting other parts of my life too. I was at my 2 week long travel around central Europe with my husband and i couldn't seem enjoy anything, which was a sign, there was definitely something going on! My health hadn't been so great either since the big move. I was tired and exhausted at all times, distracted, lacked energy, groggy mornings, gained weight, constipated, bloated, had irregular and painful periods, digestive issues, acid reflux, stressed and anxious at most times. I was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). My hormones were going berserk which lead me into depression for…, well I cannot even recall for how long. All this whilst trying to immerse myself and give my best at work, i continued to suffer in silence. While there was silence, there was also a lot of self-introspection because it wasn't the first time i felt dissatisfied with my choice of career, Advertising was my 5th career of choice and this time it really led me towards huge feelings of self-doubt and low self-confidence. The questions haunted me again - WHAT AM I REALLY MEANT TO DO? WHY DOESN'T ANYTHING SEEM TO LAST? WHAT IS IT THAT IM LOOKING FOR? IS THERE SOMETHING WRONG WITH ME?

Times like these, it is impossible to think through things clearly, but one thing i knew for sure....“This isn’t the life I wish to live and it has to end now”.

2016 -  October, i took a leap of faith, quit my job and took off on a solo soul-searching trip to Vietnam for my birthday(my first solo trip ever!). I just wanted to be away from all the clutter and chaos of the fast-paced hamster-caged life and slow down to listen to my thoughts, feelings and emotions. Sometimes one just needs a little bit of self-pampering. Something had changed in me. I couldn't put a finger to it, but i realised that my health was important, both mental and physical - and i should not take it for granted. I decided to spend some time doing things i truly enjoy, not letting the 'no job' insecurity bother me. I prioritised my health, by including workouts i enjoy and eating home-cooked wholesome meals. I started exploring my love for cooking something that i always looked forward to after a stressful day at work. I got creative in the kitchen creating healthy yet tasty dishes and started sharing my creations on social media. It was then when i received an offer to cater for healthy snacks at a party. A spark was ignited.


2017 - Being uncertain of what next, i jumped back into Advertising with one of world's largest Ad. agencies. The job security felt good, but something was still unsettling. 


2018 - I Decided to take the culinary and health passion further and studied with the Academy of Culinary Nutrition(ACN) to become a Culinary Nutritionist. Once graduated from ACN, i hit the final nail in the coffin and left my advertising career behind. This time for good. However, I had another breakdown/anxiety attack. I decided to see a doctor for my PCOS as i believed my depression and anxiety stemmed from my hormonal imbalance due to PCOS. The doctor suggested to take a 6 month long course of blood sugar managing medication(same that is given for diabetes) to bring my PCOS symptoms in control. Luckily i had this newly gained culinary nutrition knowledge on how to balance hormones naturally so i decided to give myself some time and try the natural approach without the medication. It was a tough decision to make but i had faith in the natural process. Alongside i also worked with a therapist to help me deal with what i was going through mentally. There-on did a-lot of self-work and focused on building a life that i would only just dream of. By the end of the year i was hosting culinary workshops for healthy living within my community. I felt exhilarated. I could sense the beginning of something huge. I had finally found what i was looking for. I found my IKIGAI. IKIGAI was my biggest inspiration for my business and my logo. I worked on designing my website and brand logo that spoke the true essence of me and my business. 'Life full of passion & purpose is a Happy & Healthy Life'. 

2019 - By now i was able to manage my PCOS and acid reflux issues confidently and in the most natural way without the use of any medication. I had lost most of the excess weight and symptoms all slowly subsided. I decided to incorporate my business in healthy food catering, culinary nutrition workshops and nutrition consultations while continuing further studies in the field of health & wellness. It was during my first client consultation and culinary workshop when I realised -THIS IS IT! There was no looking back. I wanted to be fully equipped to support my clients with not just nutrition but a holistic approach - the one that helped me. 

2020 - Officially registered my business in Singapore. YAYY! AND soon after that, Covid struck, so catering and workshops had to be put on a hold. Finances definitely took a hit but, I decided to focus on my studies along with working on evolving my business with a focus Health coaching and consultations. Completed my training to become and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach from Institute for Integrative Nutrition(IIN), New York. Also studied with Happiitude - Berkley Institute of California to Happiness Coach training and undertook a Breathing Coach training form Yoga Teacher's College-Yoga Alliance® Accredited. All this while continuing Health Coaching Sessions with clients 1-on-1. All the new knowledge and expertise really helped to refine my practice and help my clients holistically.

2021 - Being in the health industry, i believe in consistent upgrade of relevant knowledge and skills.. So i pursued Gravity Yoga Teachers Training from Yoga Teacher's College to get a better understanding of Myofascial system of the body. I also studied the Holistic Health Coaching program with RachanaRestores to learn and understand how to create protocols for patients suffering from lifestyle disorders, autoimmune conditions and cancer.

TODAY - As a Health Coach, my life comes a full circle. Still as intrigued with human mind and behaviour which now helps me in my practice where I support clients across the globe to identify their core health challenges, and help them connect the dots to overcome them with confidence. My unique approach focuses on nutrition + lifestyle changes, habit transformation and forming systems to help them achieve long-term health & happiness. When you create a life balance that prioritises your well-being and celebrates all aspects of your true self, you will you be able to fully embrace who you are and start living a happier and healthier life. 

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