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Holistic Nutrition Coach and Culinary Instructor

Welcome to my world of food, cooking, health and wellness!
I am Disha Kagdada, your Nutritionist, Coach & Culinary Instructor.


Cooking has been my passion for as long as I can remember, however my journey of eating and cooking for good health began a few years ago while battling my own chronic health conditions. I believe it was the love for cooking that helped me immensely through my journey from chronic illness to a healthy and happy me. That was the magical turning point of my life having decided to leave my Advertising career behind and turn my passion into profession to become Health & Wellness professional!

I am inspired and more passionate than ever to help people regain control of their eating and lifestyle habits by providing them with the right tools, knowledge and strategies to achieve their health goals.
And I often tell all my clients.. 

"Healthy food does not mean just Soups & Salads! It's time we get cooking!"

If you’d like to learn more about me, hop over to the ‘About‘ page.


Preparing Eggplant
Studying at Home
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“The workshop with Disha was very interesting as she introduced various delicious dishes using basic vegetables and different styles of cooking. Tips on good and nourishing foods and proper use of different kinds of oils were very helpful. She also provided easy steps to develop healthy eating habits.”

— Parul Mody
Cook Your Way to Healthy Lifestyle Workshop

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