Eat Happy, Live Healthy,
A Life FREE of Food Rules

This is where you might be now......

You feel unfit at all times, lack energy, motivation or determination for any kind of movement.

You manage to gather courage and get yourself on a health/fitness plan...but again... Loose consistency and therrreee goes the motivation.

You can't seem to bounce back and feel like a failure (big word, but I'm calling it out!!). 

You're thinking, may be there's another you've tried different diet plans and some (or all) the latest trends like intermittent or keto but nothing seems to work like it should.


You may loose weight but you don't really feel healthy. It leaves you feeling hungry, unsatisfied and worst - your digestion goes for a toss. Oh! and god forbid, if someone bought your favourite pizza or cake, and you happen to eat it, that's the end... you are back to square one.

Enough! You're sick of the your never-ending cycle of emotional eating and restriction.


You know so much about whats healthy and whats not but are really confused on what is best for you health and your body.

You feel so stuck in a limbo that getting healthy, feeling fit & energetic seems almost impossible.


Wouldn't it be great if ..

You feel light, fit, energetic and fresh all day. You figure out what drains you, and also what truly energises you. You are forever motivated and determined to follow through your workout plans.


You stop over-thinking and figure out a way to feel healthy that is convenient for you and lets you enjoy your favourite foods. You are unapologetically fearless around your noodles or cakes while still being healthy.

You are able to manage stress eating and implement habits & behaviours that you know are best suited for your body. You're out of that limbo for good & healthy living is a part of your daily life!

 Let's turn those IF's into your REALITY right now! 

We can work together on what's needed to find your CURE:

Clarity on what really is balanced health and fitness

Unlearn diet behaviours while building trust around food.

Re-align & Redefine what wellness feels like in your body to stay motivated

Energised and motivated to do what's needed to feel healthy in your body


I am Disha Kagdada, a Holistic Health Coach. I help confused & overwhelmed emotional eaters achieve health without dieting. My approach is rooted in understanding the signs your body is giving you and tapping into your intuition to help it feel better. At the end of your coaching, you walk away with a strong relationship with your body that equips you with the tools to fight any kind of motivational blocks and experience full flavour living.

Having experienced the chaos and overwhelm in order to get healthy and reverse lifestyle disorders like PCOS, I understand first-hand the frustration of trying different diets, food restrictions and crazy workouts and still feeling no changes. Hence, i want to help you with an approach that is aligned with what YOU need so you can feel long lasting results.


My ultimate goal is to help you live and enjoy your healthy life with FREEDOM & EASE without needing to "DIET" EVER AGAIN! 

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Are you ready to live a life FREE of Food Rules?



I approached Disha through a recommendation to discuss about my lifestyle problems. During our consultation period, I was also coincidentally diagnosed with some lifestyle related disorders which needed medication and strong change in my lifestyle. This included eating/sleeping better and workouts. 

I realised i am equally novice in all three aspects. However Disha has been a guiding force and mentoring me through the journey on simply "How to live better!". The immediate impact of consulting a health coach like Disha was, to demystify some of my earlier notions about health and lifestyle management. 

Disha has helped me through the process discussing in detail and making personalised and easy to adopt schedules. Through combination of these steps and strong background in health, Disha has empowered me to stabilise my lifestyle and disorders.

— Corporate Professional, Singapore


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