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I'm here to make it
simple and doable for you.


Do you find it difficult to focus on tasks and feel like your life's a mess?

Has that random arrival of bloating and constipation become a nuisance? 

Are you always dreading your periods because of the stomach cramps and back aches?

Are you snapping at loved-ones at all times only to feel guilty right after?

Do you feel like time is running out and you just cannot keep up?

Are you worried about your weight gain while feeling uncomfortable in your clothes? 

Do you want to feel great on the inside and be in control of your moods, behaviour and actions?


My coaching program is for you :) 

I have been where you are and know how it feels to wake up everyday feeling exhausted, dragging yourself through each responsibility for days, weeks and even months. It is so frustrating when those unexpected headaches and cramps ruin your day, let alone those mood-swings that want to make you kill someone.


I've experienced fatigue, brain fog, anxiety and overwhelm myself for years, and having tried and tested all the weird and wonderful ways of combatting this, I can understand your frustration and confusion. You've probably tried different diets and crazy workouts that were a drain on your limited energy, with no long term gains. What I'm offering you is a whole new approach that will give you real, lasting benefits and will fit into your regular life with ease and grace.


So get ready to leap out of your bed everyday with a smile, feeling refreshed and excited to seize the day.


I am Disha Kagdada, a Holistic Health Coach. I help busy and stressed-out women feel alive and energetic. My approach is rooted in finding the emotional root-cause of the imbalance, working with your unique strengths & passions while incorporating gentle nutrition. At the end of your coaching, you walk away with a unique personalised system that equips you to live your life with freedom and ease.

Having experienced the lack of energy, brain fog, anxiety and overwhelm myself for years together, I understand first-hand the frustration of trying different diets, food restrictions and crazy workouts that don't seem to help. Hence, my sole mission is to help you find the right balance naturally without restrictive diets and crazy workouts. It is time to feel alive again & own each day with confidence.  BOOK your discovery session and get ready to find your simple route to health.

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Receive regular and actionable health scoop to help you go from tired and unmotivated to EXCITED AND ENERGETIC. Get ready to learn about your body, mind, thoughts, emotions, habits and of-course delicious food!



I approached Disha through a recommendation to discuss about my lifestyle problems. During our consultation period, I was also coincidentally diagnosed with some lifestyle related disorders which needed medication and strong change in my lifestyle. This included eating/sleeping better and workouts. 

I realised i am equally novice in all three aspects. However Disha has been a guiding force and mentoring me through the journey on simply "How to live better!". The immediate impact of consulting a health coach like Disha was, to demystify some of my earlier notions about health and lifestyle management. 

Disha has helped me through the process discussing in detail and making personalised and easy to adopt schedules. Through combination of these steps and strong background in health, Disha has empowered me to stabilise my lifestyle and disorders.

— Corporate Professional, Singapore

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