Have you been feeling like your life is out of control lately?

Do you find it challenging to focus on the tasks at hand?

Has that digestive discomfort become a nuisance for you?

Has your health challenge made it difficult for you to lead a peaceful life?

Is your state of health negatively affecting your work-life & relationships?

Are you feeling stressed-out, frustrated & anxious more often than you feel happy? 

Do you feel like the time is running out and you just cannot keep up?

Are you desperate to take charge of your health but have no clue where to start?



I have been where you are and i know, IT'S NOT EASY! BUT.... what i also know is that you have what it takes to change it. You CAN be in control of your health & life. Most importantly YOU CAN FEEL GREAT, ALIVE AND FREE AGAIN! 

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I am Disha Kagdada, a Holistic & Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. I guide and support clients across the globe in building the health and lifestyle they desire. I empower them to overcome their most challenging obstacles in order to start living a healthier life. My unique approach focuses on nutrition + lifestyle changes, habit transformation and forming systems to help you achieve long-term health & happiness. 

Truth be told, I haven't always been a health advocate. It was only when i suffered my own chronic health conditions, that i realised how lightly i took my health, body and mind to be. All i wanted then, was to feel better, alive and free again. And so, the hunt began. The more i looked for information, the more overwhelming 'getting healthy' got!  Which is when i decided to take up health and nutrition professionally and study further. It was during my studies and research that a few things really stayed with me:

  • Food/nutrition/weight is just 1 part of the big health puzzle. HEALTH IS HOLISTIC and all pieces of the puzzle are equally important 

  • What works for one person may not necessarily work for another, we are all unique, so are our problems and the solutions to our problems

Today, as a Health Coach, I understand the weight and frustration of feeling like there is more out there for you, not knowing where to turn to first. Hence, my mission is to help you find the answers and create a balanced life that prioritises your well-being & celebrates all aspects of your true self. I provide comprehensive services to guide and help you feel the confidence you need to overcome your challenges. It is time to feel alive and free again. BOOK your FREE discovery session and take a big step towards your health & well-being.


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I approached Disha through a recommendation to discuss about my lifestyle problems. During our consultation period, I was also coincidentally diagnosed with some lifestyle related disorders which needed medication and strong change in my lifestyle. This included eating/sleeping better and workouts. 

I realised i am equally novice in all three aspects. However Disha has been a guiding force and mentoring me through the journey on simply "How to live better!". The immediate impact of consulting a health coach like Disha was, to demystify some of my earlier notions about health and lifestyle management. 

Disha has helped me through the process discussing in detail and making personalised and easy to adopt schedules. Through combination of these steps and strong background in health, Disha has empowered me to stabilise my lifestyle and disorders.

— Corporate Professional, Singapore